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 221B Baker Street

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PostSubject: 221B Baker Street   Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:45 pm

Welcome, my friends, to this particular club. Take a seat, have a drink and - talk. You can talk about everything and anything here! A favourite topic is, of course, our beloved Archipelago of Dreams, but matters of the Summer Country are worth talking about, too. Have a nice chat by the fire and let the rain outside remind you of a very special night.

But please, don't hide the better alcoholic beverages from strangers, you don't always know who they turn out to be.

"Blueberries is one of the great forces o'good in the world" - Mr. Tummeler

“Power, true power, comes from the belief in true things, and the willingness to stand behind that belief, even if the universe itself conspires to thwart your plans. Chaos may settle; flames may die; worlds may rise and fall. But true things will remain so, and will never fail to guide you to your goals.”
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221B Baker Street
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